Corporate Counseling

Our business management consultation encompasses all organizational areas and tasks, including company management, accountancy and planning. If desired, we will assist with profit estimates during the year, to optimize your company´s tax position.

Services Management Consultancy

  • Creation of profitability overviews
  • Assistance with the creation of liquidity and financial planning
  • Support for bank presentations
  • Consultation for optimal company structure
  • Incorporation consulting
  • EDP consultation
  • Consultation on internal control and risk management
  • Optimization of business processes
  • Creation or audit of monthly balance sheets, target balances and target figures
  • Target/actual comparison, implementation and support for receivables management systems
  • Support for enterprise analysis (also Basel II)
  • Ongoing operational consultation in all departments of the enterprise

Corporate Finance

  • Going Public
  • Due Diligence
  • Consultation and ongoing support during corporate purchases and disposals, enterprise evaluation

Good Advice is expensive?
Bad Advice is even more expensive.