Advanced Education and Careers

We place high priority on the advanced training of our employees. Professional training and advanced training accompanying professional work is a key element of our personnel development strategy.

Are you looking for a demanding yet well-balanced career? Would you like to make a professional change as well as develop yourself further?

For those contemplating a switch in professions, we offer an entry into the area of responsibility that you desire. Furthermore, we can provide you with internal and external continued education to best advance your career.

Have we sparked your interest? Then we will be happy to receive your application.

You have completed your studies and now want to enter into professional life.

Auditas GmbH offers graduates diverse entry possibilities. You may specify which area you would like to focus on or have taste of multiple specialties so that you can make a decision based on experience later.

If you have any questions about entry-level opportunities, call us or write to us. We would be glad to help you.

We offer interns their first experience in the professional world.

We can also help our interns shape their professional careers and decide about their professions.

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Diplom candidate
We offer Diplom candidates the possibility of uniting theory and practice. We assist interested Diplom candidates in finding a practice-oriented Diplom thesis topic. Furthermore, a competent contact person will be at your side right from the beginning, up until submission of your Diplom thesis. You may have an employment opportunity with us after the completion of the examination.

We are looking forward to your application!

Are you looking for training in a future-oriented trade?

Auditas GmbH offers you possibilities for developing yourself professionally and personally in a broad spectrum of activities.

If we have awakened your interest, please simply apply. We would be glad to receive your application.

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